Getting started with Fundamentals of Networks


How do browsers work?
In this chapter, we will examine how browsers work. First, we'll determine what a browser is (in ...
Client-Server Architecture
When developing веб-приложений so called architecture is used
HTTP protocol: request
Abbreviation HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfe...
HTTP protocol: response
Let's look at what the HTTP server response consists of. The HTTP protocol response includes the ...
Developer tools: analysis of the query result in the browser
In this lesson, we'll look at the developer tools for analyzing   HTTP
HTTPS protocol
HTTPS   (HTTP   Secure) is a protocol that is essentially   HTTP, bu...
Other protocols: SSH, FTP, SMTP
In this lesson we will make a short overview of other popular data transfer protocols.
Basic configuration of the Apache web server
In this lesson, we'll look at the basic configuration of the web server   Apache